Compositions, Transcriptions, and Audio Clips

Original Music


A Civilized People

(Both pieces copyrighted to Ben Roberts)


with Lara Garner, piano
Meditation from Thais, opening
El Choclo
Spring Melody, by Vivaldi
All I Ask of You

with Lara Garner, harp
Jasmine Flower
Dodi Li

with James Armstrong, piano

with Chris Craig, Guitar
and Betsy Stern, Bass
Black Orpheus

Fiddle Tunes

Little Rabbit - Bluegrass

Collier's Reel - Irish

a bit of... Devil Went Down to Georgia
(with Greg Jones, guitar)

Bog Savages: Album Clips

Lament at Dawn - Original, fiddle

London's Derry - solo section, Cajun Feel (:15)

Ride On - solo section, Rock Feel(1:30)

Music for Short Films

Last Fall A trio for piano, violin and clarinet.
Written to accompany a short film by Eric Yang.

Cemetery Stroll depicts a brief dream about a cemetery at night.

Sunday Sundae is a fun tune writen for the film Sundae Special, by Anay Tarnekar.

Walking (Introspection) was inspired by walks along the San Francisco Bay at night.
Walking:Introspection , Part I

A piece along similar lines is Nocturne for I-880 , which was inspired by a park in Oakland, California that is next to the I-880 freeway.
This is a piece for keyboard organ, flute, violin, and clarinet.

Transcriptions of Two Miles Davis Solos (pdf files)

Transcription of Miles Davis Solo - "Flamenco Sketches"

Transcription of Miles Davis Solo - "Blue In Green"